Taxation is Slavery

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About the Book

I wrote this book over about two years from 2018-2020. The book is based on research I did for my capstone project in my Master of Divinity degree. I set out to write an 8,000-word essay on Abraham Kuyper’s theology of taxes (Kuyper was the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and also a Reformed theologian). I thought Kuyper would give me a biblical foundation for deciding what the “fair” level of taxes would be.

But the research took me in a very different direction. After months of reading, study and reflection, I decided that the only logical, biblical conclusion was that the tax rate should be 0%. All taxes are wrong.

Researching that essay forced me to change my mind, and become a political libertarian rather than a political conservative. If you’ve ever thought that libertarians might have some helpful insights, but you’re not sure how libertarian politics fits in with a biblical worldview, this book is for you!

Back-Cover Description

Romans 13 says that Christians should always pay their taxes, right? Aren’t we meant to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s?

Well then, what exactly is Caesar’s? If Caesar had asked the Lord Jesus or the apostle Paul for advice on what the tax rates should be in the Roman Empire, what would they have said?

It turns out that the Bible has a lot more to say about taxes than just Romans 13. When we set aside the political assumptions of our culture and let Scripture be our guide, we find that the Bible consistently presents a radically libertarian view of government and taxation.

This grand intellectual journey brings in data and ideas from every period of Christian history. The post-flood empires in Genesis, the property-rights theory in the Law of Moses, the history of the kings of Israel, the teaching of the Lord Jesus, the New Testament letters, the early church fathers, the philosophy of Locke and Aquinas, the Protestant Reformers, right down to theologians, politicians and economists of the last two centuries.

With topics ranging from the relationship between Intelligent Design and property rights, to the theological implications of Bitcoin, Taxation is Slavery will challenge you to re-think everything you thought you knew about Christianity, politics and the role of government.


The eBook comes in PDF format, exactly matching the paperback version (including front and back covers). It is 397 pages. There is absolutely no DRM (digital restrictions management) on the PDF. Keep as many back-up copies as you like for personal use.

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