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About Me

My name is Nick, I live in Australia, on the beautiful Gold Coast. I’m married to a wonderful woman named Katelyn and we have a little bub on the way!

I got snatched up by Jesus as a kid and since then I’ve spent many years doing informal pastoral work. I also spent a couple of years working full time for different churches as a pastor’s apprentice. I even went so far as to complete a Master of Divinity degree. Over that time, I have mostly ministered to university students. One of the things that I have realised time and again was that university students (both Christians and non-Christians) have a lot of tough questions. That can make them a handful for their pastors. Some of the questions they ask require a lot of reading and research to answer properly. Overworked pastors often struggle to find the time. Other questions are somewhat awkward for the pastor to answer without stirring up controversy in the church.

If you ask your pastor how the books of the Bible were selected, they might have some vague memories from when they studied, but they might struggle to give you a detailed answer. A short book they could refer you to would be great!

If you ask your pastor what their position is on speaking in tongues, or infant versus adult baptism, or creation and evolution, or what the Bible says about politics, you put them in a difficult position. They might have opinions on those things, but if they state them openly, they might have a divided church on their hands. They might get people fighting and arguing about these details instead of disagreeing and discussing in a spirit of love and fellowship.

For me, this website is an opportunity to address those problems. I can write about those difficult questions without some of those fears, because I have theological training, but I am not a professional pastor.

It’s my hope that this website will give you a chance to ask the tough questions that are difficult for your pastor to address. The Bible is the Word of God and it does have answers. If we live our lives according to what God has given us in the Bible, then we will know God better, understand the gospel more clearly and worship God more freely.

That’s the kind of life we should all hope to live.

That’s the kind of life we lead by being biblical.

Have you got a tough question that your pastor struggles to answer? Want me to address your question in a future blog post, video or book? Drop me a comment on the facebook page.

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